101 book series for children aged 8 to 14

1. Abela, Deborah: Max Remy Super Spy series
2. Adornetto, Alexandra: Strangest Adventures Trilogy
3. Applegate, K. A.: Animorphs series
4. Ball, Duncan: Selby series
5. Banks, Lynne Reid: The Indian In the Cupboard series
6. Baum, L. Frank: The Oz series
7. Black, Holly: The Spiderwick Chronicles
8. Blackman, Malorie: Noughts & Crosses series
9. Blackwood, Gary: The Shakespeare Stealer series
10. Blume, Judy: Fudge series
11. Blyton, Enid: Famous Five series
12. Brashares, Ann: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series
13. Butcher, A. J.: Spy High series
14. Cabot, Meg: The Princess Diaries series
15. Carroll, Michael: The New Heroes series
16. Caswell, Brian: Deucalion series
17. Child, Lauren: Clarice Bean storybook series
18. Ciddor, Anna: Viking Magic
19. Colfer, Eoin: Artemis Fowl series
20. Constable, Kate: Chanters of Tremaris series
21. Cooper, Susan: The Dark is Rising sequence
22. Deary, Terry: Horrible Histories
23. Denton, Terry: Storymaze series
24. Dowswell, Paul: True Adventure Stories
25. Duane, Diane: Young Wizard series
26. Farshtey, Greg: Bionicle series
27. Fienberg, Anna & Barbara: Tashi series
28. Flanagan, John: Rangers Apprentice series
29. Fox, Helen: Eager series
30. Freeman, Pamela: Network Mysteries series
31. Funke, Cornelia: The Inkworld Trilogy
32. Griffiths, Andy: Just series
33. Helidoniotis, Kathy: Horse mad series
34. Higgins, Simon: Thunderfish series
35. Hirsch, Odo: Bartlett series
36. Hirsch, Odo: Hazel Green series
37. Hirsch, Odo: Will Buster series
38. Hoffman, Mary: Stravaganza series
39. Horowitz, Anthony: Alex Rider Adventure
40. Horowitz, Anthony: Diamond Brothers series
41. Horowitz, Anthony: The Power of Five series
42. Hughes, Monica: The Keeper of the Isis Light series
43. Ingalls Wilder, Laura: Little House series
44. Jacques, Brian: Redwall series
45. Jarvis, Robin: The Deptford Mice Trilogy
46. Jennings, P; Gleitzman, Morris: Deadly series
47. Johns, W. E: Biggles books
48. Jungman, Ann: Vlad the Drac series
49. Landy, Derek: Skulduggery Pleasant series
50. Larbalestier, Justine: Magic or Madness series
51. Larry, H I: Zac Power series
52. Lawson, Sue: Diva series
53. Lewis., C. S.: The Chronicles of Narnia
54. MacHale, D. J.: The Pendragon Adventure series
55. Matthews, Andrew: Shakespeare stories
56. McKay, Hilary: Casson Family series
57. McSkimming, Geoffrey: Cairo Jim series
58. Meyer, Stephenie: Twilight series
59. Moloney, James: Book of Lies series
60. Moloney, James: Doomsday Rats series
61. Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Anne of Green Gables series
62. Morgan, Melissa J.: Camp Confidential series
63. Muchamore, Robert: CHERUB series
64. Nicholson, William: Wind on Fire Trilogy
65. Nix, Garth: Keys To the Kingdom series
66. Nix, Garth: The Seventh Tower series
67. Norton, Mary: Borrowers series
68. Ogden, Charles: Edgar & Ellen series
69. Oppel, Kenneth: Airborn series
70. Panckridge, Michael: Legends series
71. Paolini, Christopher: Inheritance Cycle
72. Patterson, James: Maximum Ride series
73. Pierce, Tamora Song of the lioness quartet
74. Reeve, Philip: Mortal Engines Quartet
75. Riordan, Rick: Percy Jackson & the Olympians
76. Rodda, Emily: Deltora Quest series
77. Rodda, Emily: Fairy Realm series
78. Rodda, Emily: Rowan of Rin series
79. Rodda, Emily: Teen Power Inc. series
80. Rowling, J. K.: Harry Potter series
81. Ryan, Chris: Alpha Force series
82. Sage, Angie: Septimus Heap series
83. Shan, Darren: The Saga of Darren Shan
84. Skye, Obert: Leven Thumps series
85. Snicket, Lemony: Series of Unfortunate Events
86. Solitaire, Jenna: Daughter of Destiny series
87. Stewart, Paul: The Edge Chronicles
88. Stine, R. L.: Fear Street
89. Stine, R. L.: Goosebumps
90. Stine, R. L.: Mostly Ghostly
91. Stone, David Lee: The Illmoor Chronicles
92. Stroud, Jonathan: Bartimaeus Trilogy
93. Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Lord of the Rings
94. Twain, Mark: Tom Sawyer series
95. Various Authors: The Quentaris Chronicles
96. Walker, Justyn: Magician’s Daughter series
97. Westerfeld, Scott: The Midnighters Trilogy
98. Westerfeld, Scott: Uglies Trilogy
99. Wilkinson, Carole: Dragon Keeper series
100. Wilkinson, Carole: Ramose series
101. Wilkinson, Carole: The Drum series

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