Back to School Activities – Questionnaires

Many schools across the Northern Hemisphere are preparing to go back to school in the next few weeks.  A new school year brings tremendous opportunities for teachers.  We are able to reflect on our previous year’s success and failures and modify our classroom methods and routines.  Bill Rogers calls the start of the year the “establishment phase of the year” and writes, “The first few weeks are crucial in developing the smooth running of a class group.  In fact the first day – the first meeting with a new group – can have a significant effect on how students perceive our leadership” (Rogers; 2006, p. 86).  I spend a lot of time planning the few weeks of the school year.  This time allows me to set the tone for the school year.  Over the next week I will post a few ideas that have helped me begin the school year in a positive way.

Getting to know your students names and interests as soon as possible has a tremendous impact on a classroom culture.  As does establishing communication with the child’s parent or guardian. A have uploaded two sheets that I have found useful. One sheet is a questionnaire for the students to fill out and the other is for their parent or guardian. These questionnaires will give you a good understanding of your student’s interests.  Please modify these sheets so they best suit your needs.

Student Questionnaire.doc
Parent/Guardian Questionnaire.doc