“Behaviour Management” by Dr Bill Rogers

Behaviour Management“Behaviour Management: A Whole School Approach” by Dr. Bill Rogers is a must have educational book for any educator who wants to develop their classroom management skills and modify classroom behaviour.  Bill Rogers is an Australian teacher and educational consultant who has worked and written widely on the topic of behaviour management (often referred to as classroom management) for over twenty years.  The magic of Bill Rogers’ writing is that it is extremely practical.  The ideas outlined in “Behaviour Management” are easily transferable to a vast array of educational settings and ages.  I was first introduced to this book during my undergraduate studies in 1996.  I have read it cover to cover numerous times and implemented many of the ideas outlined in the book to great effect.  I have also seen Bill Rogers lecture a number of times which is always inspiring.

Behaviour Management: A Whole-School Approach
is available in the US and the UK via Amazon and in Australia via Scholastic Education and Dominie.  You can also visit Bill Rogers’ website at www.billrogers.com.au . While I highly recommend this book his other books and DVDs are also a valuable resource for any educator or school.

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