Comprehension Strategy: Here, Hidden, Head

readingTeaching children how to comprehend written information is one of the most fundamental aspects of teaching. However, what does it mean to comprehend? This is a complex question and one that is often debated amongst educators. While some teachers may argue that children learn to comprehend as a by product of learning to read, I have found that children’s comprehension improves when they are taught specific comprehension strategies.

The following comprehension strategy is very useful when teaching children how to approach and answer written comprehension questions. The children are taught that comprehension questions often fall within three broad categories; here, hidden and head. Here (right there) refers to questions that are easy to locate and generally found in one sentence. Hidden (think and search) are answered by joining together information in a text and Head (world in your head) questions ask for the child’s opinion or for information that is not contained in the text.

Click on the link below to download a Word file outlining this strategy. I have found this poster useful to enlarge, laminate and put up on my classroom wall for the children to refer to.

Here, Hidden, Head.doc

For more information please see Adrian Bruce’s wonderful work on comprehension.