classroom jobs

Assigning classroom jobs or roles is a fantastic way to build a cohesive classroom culture. I have found that giving allClass Jobs students in my class a job works most effectively. I introduce a few jobs at the beginning of the year and ask the students to come up with others. Each year there are enough jobs for every student. One of the favourites in my class this year is the “Window Monitor”. It is a student’s job to open the windows in the morning and close them in the afternoon and they take great pride in doing it each day.

Another job that has been very effective is class photographer. During certain whole school or class activities it is the responsibility of one or two students to take photographs using an inexpensive digital camera. I have found that the students always take great care with the camera and take priceless photographs. The size of the job does not matter, it is the sense of belonging that it develops that counts.

For a number of younger students a class job could be their first taste of responsibility. The author Sark writes in her book Inspiration Sandwich, “My first job was at age 4 as the wake up fairy in kindergarten. I had a magic wand, and touched each sleeping child. I still have that magic wand.”

I rotate the jobs every four or five weeks. The students list three jobs they would like to do and I attempt to give them one of their choices. If I can’t give them a job of their choosing they receive another job and get their first choice next time. It is a system that has worked really well. You can even extend the scope of the jobs to helping other classes, teachers and support staff.

Please click on the link to download the job template I use.

Class Jobs.doc

I usually change the font on my classroom posters to something more kid friendly such as Kid Kosmic, Kids or KidTYPERuled which can be downloaded by searching themeworld.