Math Resources for Gifted Children

edward zaccaroEngaging gifted mathematicians in a regular classroom can be incredibly challenging without good resources. Finding these resources is always the challenge. It is one thing to have good resources, it is another thing to use them effectively. Starting math lessons with an engaging and challenging problem can be useful for all students, however, it can be captivating for gifted mathematicians. Two resources that have helped me enormously over the last two years are the Challenge Math Series by Edward Zaccaro and the NRICH website.

While teaching resources rarely meet teacher’s high standards, Zaccaro’s books come very close. Three books I would highly recommend are Becoming a Problem Solving Genius, Challenge Math, and Primary Grade Challenge Math.

The NRICH website is a collaboration between the Faculties of Education and Mathematics at The University of Cambridge. This website has a vast array of games and problems. This website can be frustrating to navigate at first, however, once you use it for a while you learn how to unlock a treasure trove of incredible resources.

Edward Zaccaro