My Way

It is important to get to know your students as quickly and deeply as possible at the beginning for the school year. It is during this establishment phase of the year that the seeds of a successful year are planted. On the first day of school I play “get to know you games” such as class bingo and a “guess me” game. These games, and many more like them, help develop a supportive and co-operative class culture. However, I believe, of equal importance is understanding how your children learn, what they would like to learn, and how they best like to express their learning.

Joseph Renzulli and his team at the Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at UCONN developed an excellent tool that allows teachers to quickly gauge how your students best like to express their learning called “My Way”. I have found this tool incredibly useful when planning lessons and units of work. One year I discovered that the majority of my class liked to express their learning through building and constructing. Therefore I gave them a lot of opportunities to express their learning in this way. Read this article if you would like to find out more about “My Way”.

Two other fantastic tools that will help you understand your student’s interests are the “Interest-A-Lyzer” and “If I Ran the School”.

My Way.pdf
If I Ran the School.pdf