Cleaning the Classroom – Magic Scrap!

Magic Scrap

There are some days when the children leave the classroom at the end of the day and I wonder how the room became such a disaster, with pencils, paper and books scattered across the room. When I first started teaching it was a struggle trying to clean the classroom in the afternoon. That was before Magic Scrap

Magic Scrap is a simple, fun game you can play in the afternoon. Just before the bell rings in the afternoon choose something on the floor that will be the Magic Scrap. Then tell the children they have thirty seconds to search for it. Once everything has been picked up, put away or placed in the bin, tell them who the winner is. The winner receives a small price. It is amazing how effective this game is. The children look forward to playing it and it makes the cleaners very happy! It is also easy to modify to suit different age groups. When I taught Grade 2, two children were the Magic Scrap Monitors and it was their job to choose the Magic Scrap and supervise the game. Needless to say this job was very popular.