Commonly Misspelled Words

Learning to spell can be an extremely frustrating experience for many children.  During my ten years of teaching, I have heard many discussions about the most effective way to teach children how to spell.  As with nearly all aspects of teaching a one size fits all approach simply does not work.  Unfortunately the most gifted spellers in a classroom are often not challenged as much as they need to be.

As I result, over the past few years I have given my more gifted spellers ownership over what words they learn to spell.  One way I have done this is by giving them a large list of commonly misspelled words and asked them to research at least five words per week and learn to spell them.  The children have enjoyed the challenge and their spelling has improved as a result.

Here is a list of 600 commonly misspelled words for you to use.

101 book series for children

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is watching children develop a love of reading. The Harry Potter books inspired many children to read, however, a common question teachers and parents hear is, “What do I read after Harry Potter?” To help answer this question I enlisted the help of the children in my class. I asked them to list the book series they have enjoyed over the past few years. I compiled their responses and with some further research, came up with a list of 101 book series for children. The wonderful thing about book series is they develop a sense of expectation. As a child finishes one book they automatically have something to reach for.

I hope this list helps teachers, parents and children find book series that foster a love of literacy. Please print out the list and let children explore their favourite library or book store. Remembering that school and local librarians are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to children’s literatutre. I compiled the list with the the ages 8 to 14 in mind. In my experience children have particularly enjoyed reading the following authors; Eoin Colfer, John Flanagan, Anthony Horowitz, Robert Muchamore, Garth Nix, Christopher Paolini, Emily Rodda and Carole Wilkinson. If you have other book series you would like to share please contact me by clicking the about tab. The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge site has an extensive list of children’s novels sorted by grades.

101 book series for children

101 book series for children.doc