Four Square Handball Rules for Australian Schools

HandballHandball was one of the things I most loved to do when I was at school in NSW Australia. My friends and I would play for hours. There were unwritten rules that we all followed. New people to the school would have rule variations, some of these we would adopt but others we ignored.

When I started teaching at my current school five years ago I noticed that there were a lot of disagreements about handball rules. As a result, with the help of the students, we created a list of rules. I imagine that disagreements over handball rules are common at other schools so I thought the following rules may be useful. Please modify them and use them. We’ve photocopied them on A3 paper and laminated them and put them up around the school. We have also given copies to new children. The rules have helped eliminate a large number of disagreements.

Handball Rules.doc
Handball Rules.pdf