Teaching and Programming Resources

I recently stumbled upon the “Latest Teaching Resources” page on the UK Standards Site. The number and quality of resources is amazing. These resources detail numerous activities that could be used for class lessons and would also be invaluable while programming. The site also allows you to search by mathematics and literacy and by year levels.

I am continually looking for new lessons and ways of teaching concepts and am sure I will be returning to this site a lot in the future. Another helpful thing about the site is the resources are generally offered in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.


Online Spelling Resource

Many primary school teachers do some sort of spelling program each week. I have always used a textbook for the basis of my program, however, I constantly trawl books and the internet looking for additional words.

A fantastic resource I found lately is www.morewords.com . Morewords enables you to search thousands of words that begin with, end in or contain certain letter combinations. For example, if you were looking for words that contained ough you would simple type in *ough* into the search function and morewords will give you all the words in its database that contains ough. This resource saves a lot of time when planning your spelling units. I imagine it would be very useful for playing Scrabble!

NSW Mathematics Syllabus 1989

This syllabus is simply a classic. Although the document is nearly twenty years old it has an array of wonderful maths activities that are still as relevant today as they were when they were published. I find this pdf version of the syllabus priceless when I am programming.

NSW Mathematics Syllabus 1989.pdf

(To download file: right click and choose “Save Target As”)